Keep The Dream Alive

Like many of you growing up I was called a dreamer.  I was that kid with big dreams and aspirations but the thing that separated me from most was the fact I was not afraid to chase them.

Being used to moving at a fast pace I suddenly felt lost during the pandemic, I couldn’t move the way I was use to moving or do the things I was used to doing.  Looking back I’m very grateful of this because it afforded me the time I needed to rekindle those things that truly made me happy. 

During this period I saw the need for motivation to help keep myself as well as others going.  I have also been known for my motivational quotes, kind words to others, as well as my fashion sense.  Marrying the two together the Mobillionairez Brand was born!

Keep God and family first, never be afraid to break the mold and dare to dream!