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Mobillionairez Definition - Black & Lemonade (Unisex)

Mobillionairez Definition - Black & Lemonade (Unisex)

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The Mobillionairez defintion is all about The Team and what we are accomplish together, by each playing the hands we were dealt. So when life gets touch we get tougher!! Its time to start making some lemonade with some of those lemons and make it dew what it dew!!

Tee: This tee is probably the softest you'll ever feel against your skin. Your dreams are supposed to make you uncomfortable, not your clothing! This tee represents embracing the struggle while making life what we want it to be.

Logo: The original definition was first featured in 2020 defining what it is to be an individual (a Mobillionaire) but this time we are coming for what's ours as a team and we aren't just accepting what life throws at us!!

Fit: Retail/Unisex

Model is 5'11 wearing a size XL


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